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If you've found me and my website, chances are that you are planning to start something new or expand your existing business to Germany and/or Central Europe, are in need of sonsulting, coaching, financing, or general business support. It could be that you have a problem with your existing spin off, startup or your company. The problem might be of strategic nature, it could be a gap in your financing, maybe you are not content with your operations....

Whatever, apparently you are looking for somebody to help you get started or get better.

So let's get in touch. I am here for you and I want the direct approach between you and me. You may have a problem, together we may be able to develop a solution. And if I am not the right guy, I might be able to refer you to the right person.

But .. I don't believe in anonymous "Contact us" forms.

Just call me, send me an email, a letter, an envoy, drum the drums or contact me via mobile, phone, chats.... up to you ... whatever.

Makes it easier for both of us.

Mobile:  +49 179 673 92 13

Skype:     christian_heimann

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/dr-christian-heimann-b417516

XING:      christian.heimann3970749

Dr. Christian Heimann

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